Storage King Warrington, your local Storage Expert, has been providing the surrounding area with storage solutions for many years, and has developed a reputation as a storage facility of the highest calibre. Centrally located on Winwick Quay, it couldn’t be more conveniently placed for all of your storage needs.

Why Might You Need Storage?

Storage King Warrington has such a wide variety of clients; their storage units can be used as a safe, dry place to keep the Christmas Decorations, a secure location in which to house and tinker with your selection of Vintage cars, a local depot for international companies, or a place in which to secure the contents of your house whilst moving. In fact, Storage King Warrington’s storage units can be used for just about anything!


Storage King Warrington’s storage rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so you only pay for the space that you need. All the storage units are located with their purpose built, state of the art storage facility, and are accessed by well lit, wide halls. With goods lifts to each floor, free-to-use goods trolleys and large, indoor loading bays, moving your goods in and out couldn’t be easier. They also have a box shop and a van to hire on site.

A High Quality of Customer Service

With such a broad client base, Storage King Warrington endeavours to treat each storage case individually, which leads to an unparalleled level of customer care. Their simple fees are optimised to ensure that you only pay for the space that you need when you need it: whether you need a 25sqft storage room for 10 days, or a 500sqft storage unit for 10 years, they will ensure that you pay the minimum price possible.