Situated on Radford Road, your local Storage Expert, Storage King Nottingham, is centrally placed to offer its storage facilities to all those in the surrounding area. With their friendly, individualised service, you can be sure that they will be able to solve whatever storage problem you may have.

Who Can Benefit From Storage?

From an avid collector of porcelain dolls, using a storage room as a safe, secure location in which to display their collection in order to free up some living space, to a blue chip company using a storage unit as a local depot for their stock, anyone and everyone can benefit from the storage facilities at Storage King Nottingham. With storage units ranging in size from 20sqft to 6000sqft, Storage King Nottingham can provide you with a storage space small enough to act as an archive for confidential documents, or large enough to store the contents of your house, or business stock. 


No matter what you choose to place in storage, you like to know that it’s safe. That’s why each and every storage unit at Storage King Nottingham is purpose built and protected by their top class Red Care Alarm System and digital 24 hour CCTV. In addition to this, each customer is given a unique pin number linked to their storage unit which allows them extended access to the fenced facility, whilst also allowing Storage King Nottingham to monitor who comes and goes, for added security.

A Service to Suit You

As Storage King Nottingham caters for such a wide range of storage needs, they recognise that their payment system needs to reflect the flexibility offered by their services. That’s why, with their system, you can increase or decrease the size of your storage unit whenever you like and you can stay for as long or short a time as you need, all with no hidden costs and just one monthly bill.