The local Storage Expert in your area is Storage King Nottingham. Situated on Radford Road, they have been providing top class self storage solutions to the people of Nottingham for many years. 

Why do you need a Self Storage Unit?

Storage King Nottingham caters for the self storage needs of a wide variety of customers. Their self storage units range in size from 20sqft to 600sqft, meaning that they are well equipped to deal with all manner of self storage problems. Moving house? A 400sqft self storage unit in Storage King Nottingham can hold all the possessions of a seven bedroom house. Too much stock? Renting a 20sqft self storage Unit from Storage King Nottingham can provide you with enough space for 20 boxes.


All of the selfStorage units at Storage King Nottingham are purpose built, made of solid steel, with a state of the art security system so you can be sure that your possessions are out of harm’s way. 24 hour digital CCTV, a pin-code accessed security compound, Redcare alarm system, top class fire and smoke alarms all work to ensure the safety and security of your self storage unit, and you bring your own padlock, so only you have the key. Storage King Nottingham don’t stop there though: 24 hour access makes the process of moving your possessions when it suits you a simple one; and Storage King can provide amenities such as boxes and bubble wrap should you need them.

Excellent customer service

Storage King Nottingham know that convoluted rates and hidden fees mean that self storage can end up costing more than you thought. However, they think this is wrong. With just one bill a month and flexible, cost effective self storage rates, they ensure that the process is as simple and inexpensive as possible. Storage King Nottingham’s well trained, dedicated staff treat each customer’s self storage needs as unique and make sure that you get the right sized self storage unit so you only pay for what you need and however long you need it for. Excellent customer service is something the staff at Storage King Nottingham pride themselves on. They can advise on the best self storage unit to meet your needs and assist with the moving and packing of your items.