Whether you are transferring the contents of your house into storage whilst you move, putting a valuable collection into storage for safety, or shifting seasonal stock into self storage after Easter or Christmas, moving your items can often be a difficult and stressful process.  That is why many Storage Expert accredited storage providers are able to offer the use of their own removal van, or are prepared to arrange for a removal company to pick up and drop off your goods.

DIY vs All-Inclusive

Hiring a van and doing it yourself is certainly the cheapest way of moving your goods, yet it can often be hard work and very time consuming. If you plan to move house by yourself, it is important to consider just how you plan to move your possessions: it’s all too easy to get a bed stuck half way down your stairs! If you elect for a removal company to do everything for you, from packing up your silverware to hauling your dining table out, you can be sure that they are up to the job and are legally protected if your items get damaged. This second option, whilst being the more expensive by far, can often be the least stressful: simply put your feet up and watch them get to work. Be sure, however to check that the removal company you use was relevant insurance. There are many cowboy removers around. Your self storage provider should be aware of the levels of service and cover.

Levels of Service

Often the degree of service which a storage company can provide depends on its size: a larger company often has several vans and workers specifically dedicated to aiding their customers; whilst a smaller company may have negotiated special rates with local removal companies. When looking for a storage unit, it is important to consider these variables. Some storage companies offer its customers the free use of a small van, whilst others can provide you with an unbeatable deal with a removal firm; it’s up to you to decide which set-up suits you best.

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