Offices or meeting rooms to Let

As the price of rent increases, it becomes ever more important to economise in the running of your business. The variety of commercial storage solutions offered by storage companies can provide a cheap alternative to renting premises or warehouse space, and can nullify the need for offices all together. But what does an office-less company do when it needs to hold a meeting? If you already have your product in storage with a particular storage provider, it can make sense to hold your meeting in the same place; which is why many self storage firms now offer office and board room rental.

Who Can Use these Offices?

Anyone can rent out these office spaces and meeting rooms, on either a long term or short term basis. The facilities are ideal for young or small companies, who cant afford to rent offices, or have no need for them on a permanent basis; the cheap and flexible rates that storage companies offer mean that they can afford to have a corporate space in which to hold meetings without depleting their profit margins. However, many larger companies also use the facilities as board rooms and office space in areas where they might not have their own premises; rather than forcing employees to travel to the companys headquarters, it can often make sense to hold meetings closer to their homes.

The Advantages of Offices at a Storage Firm

The most obvious advantage is that, should you be holding stock at that storage provider, you are within walking distance of your product. This is ideal for companies who use the board room as a meeting area with potential investors or buyers: should the client need to see an example of a particular product, or even the components from which they are made, they can be easily accessed. However, these offices can often also be significantly cheaper than others, as they are part of the storage facility, which means your company gets the greatest value for money. Free parking is almost always available and most self storage centres are very conveniently located and easy to access.

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