Storage for your Collectables in Nottingham


Storage Experts Nottingham provides essential storage space to businesses and domestic customers alike for a variety of purposes.


One reason why some require storage is to house their valuable or sentimental collections.


People collect things for all sorts of reasons. It may just be for fun, as a hobby and past time having the enjoyment of finding pieces to add to their growing collection. It may be for investment, hoping their collection will become more valuable as the years roll by, or they are fans of a certain film star, musician or film and love to collect memorabilia.


What ever drives someone to start and maintain a collection, one thing is certain, as the collection grows so does the amount of room it takes up, room which could be valuable living space at home that could be put to better use.


At Storage Experts Nottingham we can provide a clean, dry, safe and secure space to house your collection allowing you to continue to grow it whilst freeing up that space at home.


Whether it's a comic book collection, a record collection, memorabilia, even a beanie baby collection, whatever it is you collect, if you want to keep it, but also need your space back at home then we can find you a unit that will meet your needs.


With purpose built units ranging in size from as small as a 25sq.ft to a large 600sq.ft, we can cater to your requirements. And with extended hours access 7 days a week you can visit your unit at your leisure to add items, maybe remove some or just sit and admire your collection for a while.


At Storage Experts Nottingham we appreciate that the items our customers store maybe valuable, sentimental, in some cases irreplaceable and so we take every precaution to provide our customers with the piece of mind knowing their belongings are safe and secure. The entire facility is located in a fenced compound with access through a computerised security gate. Unique pin codes are provided to our customers allowing them access to the main building whilst allowing us to monitor who is coming and going. A Red Care alarm system is installed and our CCTV is monitored offsite for added security.


To ensure your collection is safely stored away, we provide free trolleys to help you move your items easily to your unit. For those storing on the 1st or 2nd floors there is a large goods lift. And with our undercover loading bay, you are protected from the elements.


If some of your collection needs packing away, then you can visit our Box Shop, where we stock a large variety of sturdy boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials essential for protecting those delicate priceless gems.


So if you find yourself sitting at home, with your prized collection taking over the place and you are wondering what to do, call in to see us and let Storage Experts Nottingham provide you with an affordable solution with flexible terms.