Whether you require storage or not you will need to pack your belongings safely and securely to prevent damage.

In West Bromwich, The Box Shop stocks a range of different boxes and offer bulk order discounts as well as Movers Packs which can save you up to 40% on the individual prices. Contact the team for assistance and prices.


Standard Cartons and Boxes

The standard removal cartons are all double walled and come in 3 different sizes , small, medium and large, ideal for household items.Small box with wine dividers

Small Box - 18"x 13" x13" - Uses: books, crockery, videos, files and wine bottles (dividers required and also sold onsite)

Medium Box - 18" x 20" x 20" - Uses: Pans, lamps and vases

Large Box - 18" x 30" x 30" - Uses: Linen, toys, games


Specialist Boxescd.dvd box

Wardrobe Box - perfect for hanging up suits and dresses, keeping clothes crease free during your move

CD/DVD Box - specially designed to store your collections safely and securely and all together

PC Box - Large box specially for packing PC'sPC Box

Archive Boxes - come with an integrated lid and handles, perfect for file and document storage

Bike Boxes, Plasma TV Boxes, Golf Boxes and many more specialist boxes are available onsite, call one of the team for more help.


Movers Packs

The West Bormwich Box Shop offers a range of Movers Packs for house movers, relocating businesses and students enquire at the store for more information.


Tape and Accessoriestape gun

Tape - ensure all boxes are adequately taped up, fragile tape is also available for the more delicate boxesof glass etc   

Tape Gun - makes taping boxes much quicker and easier.